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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  December 4, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. - and ents that unfold lea a white car makes a neighborhood uneasy. police are called to investigate and the events that unfold leave an officer with a broken foot. hi, everyone. good afternoon. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. it happened around 7:30 this morning on broadmoor boulevard
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near bancroft avenue in san leandro. kpix 5's ryan takeo joins us live from the scene. >> reporter: the routine call turned dangerous in seconds. you can still see the cop cruiser that's here. the suspect allegedly used his car as a weapon, a stolen car, and hit the officer. that suspect is still on the loose. >> it was pretty shocking to have something like that happen here. >> reporter: one of the neighbors on broadmoor boulevard noticed a suspicious car with three men inside and called cops. an officer ran the plate and found out it was stolen in oakland. that officer arrested a passenger outside the car. when another officer arrived as backup and go out of his cruiser the suspect driver headed straight for the officer. >> the driver immediately accelerated the vehicle, struck the officer, knocking him to the ground, running him over, and then fleeing. >> reporter: the crash injured the officer's leg. he had to go to the hospital but police say he is going to make it. >> as you can imagine, these events unfolded in a matter of
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seconds. >> reporter: witnesses say the injured officer shot at least half a dozen times at the fleeing maxima. >> we know what kind of damage a car can do to someone and today, it landed a police officer in the hospital. >> reporter: police are looking for a white nissan maxima. the license plate is 3nda870. it like look has front end damage and several bullet holes from when the officer opened fire. live in san leandro, ryan takeo, kpix 5. haven for the homeless known as the jungle in san jose has been cleared out. city workers moving in this morning helped the jungles residents move out. kiet do has more. it's an end to a sad chapter in san jose. >> reporter: yeah, frank. you know, take a look at the scene out here. all morning long it has been a steady stream of dump trucks, picking up debris from the bobcat that had been dropping them in there. this is the largest operation of its kind in san jose
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history. they will be at this for two weeks. when they are done they will haul away more than 100 tons of debris as sam liccardo said, this is the window into hell. the beginning of the end of the jungle started monday. crews began serving the 200 residents with 72-hour eviction notices. escorted by a small army of san jose police officers, we went deeper into the jungle than ever before. the smells, sights and sounds of one of the largest encampments in the country made it hard to believe this is silicon valley. >> of course people are homeless. that's what happens when you charge them $2,500 a month for rent. >> reporter: we met tammy who fell on hard times and lost custody of her son. do you think it will be the push to get you back into housing? >> yes but it's hard to qualify for housing. >> reporter: that was monday. by thursday morning, for the last-minute stragglers it was a rush to carry, pull or push their life's possessions and
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get out. >> we don't have a place to live. they kick us out of the place to live to go to where live? some of them have housing, vouchers. they didn't do anything fair. >> if you had your way i would be crucified. >> reporter: the mood was tense. the mud didn't help. the dump trucks were coming and time was out. what are you losing here today? >> a sense of being. wholeness, believe it or not. first and foremost, a family. >> reporter: so it began. a tsunami of workers picking up piles of rotten food, mattresses and sofas. the city says any people evicted today who truly want a place to stay will get one. >> i'd like to believe this is the end of this very sad chapter but the reality is homelessness is something we'll continue to grapple with as long as we don't have the resources to have thousands of people who are sleeping in the streets. >> reporter: remember tammy? she says she lost the closest thing she ever had to a home
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and family. >> i don't have anywhere to go. this is my home. my home is down there. when you don't have i choice, you don't have a choice. no stability, no stability, you just got to live on. >> reporter: many of these former residents of the jungle are now watching all that action from outside the barricade now. by mid-december, there will be an 8-foot-tall tamper resistant fence all the way around the property. >> kiet, how about police patrols there? how many officers and how often do they plan to be there? >> reporter: so they have learned that they have to have a constant police presence out here. so as many as four officers at once at any given time they will have here patrolling the jungles to keep people out. we're live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. the clean-up continues from yesterday's storm and a sinkhole in san francisco has gotten even bigger. the city crews say they made it bigger on purpose to try to fix a broken sewer line. the pavement on lake street at sixth avenue crumbled yesterday during the storm.
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the sinkhole was 20 feet by 30 feet and 10 feet deep. temporary gas and water connections were made yesterday. crews say it will take about two days to get new pipe put in. and who says bay area rents are too exclusive? someone posted an ad for the sinkhole on craigslist. believe it on the the ad post says, one bedroom sinkhole for rent with a sunroof and ambient city soundscape. the price listed $2,800 a month. >> wow. protests were held all over the bay area last night following a new york grand jury decision not to charge a white cop in the death of a black man. protestors tried to get on the macarthur freeway in oakland but police blocked the path. hundreds marched from downtown to rockridge. palo alto and san francisco saw big crowds blocking traffic during the protests. another demonstration is planned in oakland tonight at 5:00. rallies across the nation now protestors chanted i can't breathe. those are the final words of eric garner the man who died after a new york city police
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officer put him in a chokehold last summer. the incident was recorded on cell phone video. al sharpton spoke on "cbs this morning" about why that tape separates this case from the ferguson, missouri incident. >> that tape says everybody, let's go to trial and see what happened here but for a grand jury to look at the tape and say let's not even go to trial, that's kind of hard for a lot of people. >> the officer who put garner in a chokehold released a statement expressing condolences for the death. his lawyer said he didn't intend to hurt garner and thought because garner could speak at the time he could still breathe. happening today, san francisco police plan to hit the streets with flyers looking for three suspects they say killed a disabled homeless man in the financial district. this is surveillance of the beating one of the worst police say they have seen in years. the three men were caught on camera smoking near montgomery and post streets become attacking tai lam on november 23rd. he was laying in his sleeping
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bag when they attacked him twice. burlingame's fire chief is being held in a redwood city jail right now. mark lattice was arrested yesterday for allegedly netting thousands of dollars through a credit card scam. the district attorney claims the chief and his wife got numerous credit cards under fake names. investigators caught on to the chief after his wife was arrested for the scheme in 2012. she posted bail and fled the country. palo alto police are looking for yet another flasher. police say a man exposed himself to two women on channing avenue at greer road tuesday evening. the flasher ran away and the woman then called 911. similar incidents have occurred in palo alto earlier this year with no arrests. a big change is coming to the west oakland bart station. bartsch's board of directors are finalizing plans trying to revitalize the area around the bart station currently occupied by parking lots. developers are being considered to build retail shops and
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offices. san francisco is going off drivers who block intersections or double park. the mayor and police chief made the announcement yesterday. the goal is to ease congestion and make streets safer for pedestrians. the city will work to identify factors contributing to traffic jams such as traffic signals and walk signal timing. >> recommending a scrub for today. >> no 3, 2, 1 blastoff at cape canaveral today. the rocket is staying put because of a call from mission control. >> and talk about a bad drive. yesterday's storm leaves some california commuters with some unwanted cargo. how they were able to get out of the mess. >> i'm roberta gonzales and i'm dodging raindrops by shopping at whole foods market in san jose. i'm shopping for a really good cause. it's all for "food for bay area families" and we'll tell you how you can get involved as the news continues right here on kpix 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the orion was scheduled to t ng on its nasa's mission to mars hit a speed bump today. >> shut down. >> roger. >> the orion was supposed to go on a test flight but a glitch with the booster engines stopped the countdown. it's the first to take people into space for 40 years. it is rescheduled for friday. it's a mess in southern california after yesterday's storm. 14 people were rescued after their cars became stranded in riverside county. this mud is about 4 feet high. rescue crews were able to get to all the stranded drivers and bring them all to safety. >> roberta gonzales is doing a little double duty in mobile
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weather today live in san jose with the also on weather and also helping collect food for families in need. hi, roberta. >> reporter: hi there. you know, this is going to be a family in need because i know frank doesn't need this. he doesn't like brussels sprouts. i love them. here we're at whole foods in san jose. i have been doing this for about i'd say 18 years getting involved with "food for bay area families." so today, i came here so i can talk with kathy with the k jackson and cathy with a c to talk about second harvest bank. what is your need like. we are providing food to a quarter million people every month. we could fill levi's stadium almost four times over with the number of people we help every month. >> that's a visual. when i think silicon valley, i don't necessarily think those in need and are hungry. >> you're probably thinking words like innovation and technology. but the reality is a lot of
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families are being left behind and they just need a little help to make sure they can put food on the table. >> now, kathy, you are here at whole foods market, you work here? >> yes, i do. >> how long have you been employed by whole foods? >> about four years. >> what's it like when people come in. are they being generous with helping people in need? >> absolutely. i think because the donations stay locally here at the second harvest food bank customers tend to be more generous. >> how do i go about it? i see these items here in the barrel? >> what do i do? >> there's a couple of ways to donate. donate with cash at a register at any whole foods market in northern california or purchase non-perishable items and place it in the barrels near the register. >> reporter: you can do that and when you come out to whole foods, you may scoot by a couple of raindrops according to our hi-def doppler radar. we still have a couple of raindrops in the forecast and random showers. in fact, you weather headlines today suggest that currently here in san jose, air
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temperature is 65. numbers across the board are the 60s. you need the umbrella today. random scattered showers, we experienced that from san francisco all the way into the san jose area. and then tomorrow, yet another storm moves into the bay area. that storm will bring us rain showers mainly in the afternoon and into the evening commute. it will be a dry morning commute. all right. statewide today, everybody is experiencing a little bit of something as far as rain is concerned. monterey bay with some partial clearing in the mid-60s. temperature-wise right here in the bay area today again everybody is in the 60s. it's a very mild day with a soft southerly wind five to ten miles per hour. the extended forecast does call for rain on friday up to .75", a lingering shower early saturday, otherwise a relatively dry weekend. we are me with kathy and cathy and we are trying to support "food for bay area families" food. do the same online at frank and michelle -- you like brussels sprouts, michelle? >> i love them.
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bring them back. >> leave them there. >> all right, roberta. thank you. [ laughter ] for more on "food for bay area families," you can visit our website at being pro-active with your health may not pay off this year. the story every person who got a flu shot needs to hear. >> and we want to invite all you pet lovers to send us your questions about their health and well-being. just email or on our facebook page, and we'll have our pet expert give you an answer every friday right here at noon. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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well, today's tip of the day is going to be is with tangerines. let me show you. they peel so easy. look at this. there's no seeds. it takes about five or ten seconds to peel it. the flavor is fantastic. when you peel them, they smell good. loaded with nutritional value. let's talk about selection. when you buy them, you want to make sure right here it has to be shiny. citrus the shinier the fresher. heavy for their size. that means it's full of juice not pulp. when you bring them home, on the counter. they just started coming into season. the price is going down and quality are going up. pretty soon the stem and leaves
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come out which is the tangerine with the stem and leaf attached. it's beautiful. there you go. loaded with flavor, no seeds, easy to peel. hey, that's good all the way around. and i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. think he likes it. >> he does. for almost 30 years, karl debro has been teaching high school students in the east bay and says in all that time, he has never met a stupid kid. so when many of his students weren't going on to college, he did something about it. kate kelly introduces this week's jefferson award winner. reporter: karl debro and robert marrujo have covered a lot of ground together. karl taught robert in high school over a decade ago and changed his path forever. >> the road map to getting to college is complicated for people who don't know anything about it. >> reporter: robert found the road map through a program karl piloted at san leandro high school called "avid," "advancement via individual determination." >> i was really passionate about the absence of african-
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american kids and latino kids in the higher classes. they weren't going on to college. >> reporter: with the structure and support karl provided through "avid," robert was one of many success stories. >> at the end of the day we had a 95% four-year college admission rate. >> reporter: today ail find -- today you'll find karl on the campus of contra costa college where he has taken on his next challenge as director of gateway to college. >> hear i saw an opportunity to work can kids who were really the people who are given up on, who were dropouts, who are being pushed out. >> reporter: gateway to college is a different kind of high school experience. first of all, it's on a college campus. the kids still take high school classes, but also can take college courses and are mentored every step of the way. >> they make sure that i'm getting the classes that i need and, uhm, they are constantly helping us keep on track on the things that we're doing so we actually start slipping up, they will help us move us back on the path. >> reporter: jorge gonzalez joined gateway last year.
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>> i knew coming here, the kids will actually be able to want to learn. there won't be any distractions for us whatsoever. >> reporter: many students come from stressful homes, so counseling is provided on campus through a partnership with the wright institute. with over 110 kids currently enrolled, the number of gateway graduates is growing every semester. >> people say, these kids can't do it, um, people have given up on these students. and that's not how i see them. i see them as people who are brilliant who have tons of potential who might not know it themselves and i feel like i can help them. >> reporter: so for his years of helping students on the path to personal success, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to karl debro. kate kelly, kpix 5. and for more information, you can find a link in our story about karl at that's also the place to nominate your own local hero for a jefferson award.
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my name is bond. >> bond. >> bond. >> bond. >> james bond. >> it's within an iconic line in film throughout the decades. and today, there's good news for all you james bond fans. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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virus that's circulating ard the countr this year's flu vaccine
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won't protect you. a strain isn't in the vaccine. it's not a reason to skip it, according to doctors. so far california is experiencing minimal flu activity and there are flu shots available. go to for more. it's the movie line that has become iconic through the decades. >> my name is bond, james bond. >> got to love it. james bond is back. directors announced today the next james bond movie will be released next year the name spectre, the global terrorist organization from the film. it released the car. the db10 will be the mode of transportation in the movie. coming up tonight at 5:00, two women find a stolen package on the railroad tracks and quickly realize just how special it is. the great lengths they went to,
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to return it and how the owner is trying to say thank you. those stories and more tonight at 5:00. >> can't get the bond music out of my head. >> i can't get that car out of my head. >> i know. and monika bellucci is going to be the bond girl 50 years old. >> good for her. >> love it. that's it for kpix 5 news at noon. >> have a great afternoon, everybody and we'll see you again tomorrow. captions by: caption colorado
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>> liam: you're lying. you were at hope's baby shower. >> quinn: this is getting old. >> liam: just tell me the truth, quinn. just, for once in your life, tell me the truth. that's all. >> quinn: the truth? the truth is i am being maligned. >> liam: oh, by me? >> quinn: yeah, by you. you're being relentless. >> liam: i'm -- i'm protecting hope. >> quinn: she has a husband for that. and she doesn't need protection. >> liam: okay, what is this? what -- what's this? explain this, please. hmm? >> quinn: i told you -- i went to a bakery. i have a sweet tooth. >> liam: no, you didn't. you ignored hope, you crashed her shower, and you brought back cake as a memento. why can't you just admit that? admit it. >> quinn: or what? >> liam: [ sighs ] >> hope: oh, my god.


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